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Dermatomycoses and especially onychomycoses, are very widespread fungal infections. In most cases, they are caused by dermatophytes, filamentous fungi of different genus and species.


Onychomycoses wounds are not very specific, and 50% have no fungal origin. In case of onychomycose suspicion, it is needed to get the proof that this is a fungal infection before treatment, because it is based on the administration of antifungals. This cure is expensive and may cause side effects.


Mycologic diagnosis offers an identification of the fungal species involved, but it takes several weeks to get a result by conventional culture. Beside this, the diagnosis is sensitive only if realized on samples taken on the active part of the wound, which contains viable fungal strands. For all these reasons, this diagnosis isn’t always performed in routine.


Molecular biology can get a quick result for a dermatophytes onychomycosis (whatever the species). This test can be performed on a simple nail sample.


This kit can get a result within 80 minutes. Although this kit cannot identify the dermatophytes species, it gives a sufficient diagnosis to set up an antifungal treatment.