Herpes Virus Simplex (HSV) 1 & 2

25 tests per kit
Nucleic Acid
CE Marking


Herpes simplex viruses (HSV) are DNA viruses of the Herpesviridae family. They are among the most common infectious agents infecting humans at any age.


These viruses are found worldwide and are responsible of a wide variety of symptoms, such as muco-cutaneous and central nervous system damages and occasionally suffering from visceral organs. It is also a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the herpes simplex virus type I (HSV-I) and type II (HSV-II).


Generally, infection by HSV type I is responsible of labialis herpes and the HSV type II causes genital herpes.


Infection by this virus becomes potentially severe for newborn babies, immunocompromised patients, patients suffering from severe malnutrition, severe burns or eczema. A rapid and sensitive diagnosis is therefore necessary to treat patients as quickly as possible. The introduction of real-time PCR can rapidly highlight a region of DNA of HSV 1&2 from samples.


This kit provides a result in less than 80 minutes (excluding DNA extraction).